We are six students from Delft University of Technology accompanied by a veteran in the field of traveling and mountaineering, all active members of the Delftsche Student Alpine Club. Coming July we will travel to India to climb both main summits of the Kang Yatze massif, situated at the end of the Markha valley in the Ladakh region. This journey will be our first acquaintance with expedition climbing and high altitudes.

The goal of the expedition is to climb the Kang Yatze I (6400m; AD+/D) and the Kang Yatze II (6175m; PD+). First, the Kang Yatze II will be climbed and afterwards, we will face the more difficult Kang Yatze I.

Our journey will start in Delhi and from where we will quickly travel towards Leh (3500m) in North-West India. From Leh, we will change the car by our feet and we will slowly hike into the Markha valley as we need to acclimatize for our summit attempt at 6000m. After a 7 day hike and after crossing passes of over 5000m we will reach base camp (5000m). This will be the starting point for both summits and we will stay here for approx. 10 days. For the Kang Yatze I, however, we also need to establish an advanced camp at 5900m on a ledge just under the summit slopes.

After our hopefully successful endeavours, we will hike back to civilization in two days. From Leh we are now "just" two flights away from home.

Impression on Markha Valley Track
(Source: http://www.tourmyindia.com.au/markha-valley-trek.html)

Base camp
(Source: http://www.moran-mountain.co.uk/moran-mountaineering/Ladakh-Kang%20Yatze.html)

Kang Yatze
(Source: http://www.tirawa.com/voyage-asie/trekking-inde-himalayenne/in-325/au-pied-du-kang-yatse.html)